From Learning to Earning

Learning is a tool, not a goal.

Education is a powerful leverage but can also overwhelm people trying to master a new money vehicle. Don’t get trapped in the learning curve; Start earning while learning.

It doesn’t matter if you make $50, $100, or $10,000 of passive revenues per day; what’s important is that you develop the habit of making money while you sleep, learn or travel. Making money is a millionaire’s habit.


Hi, My name is Ofer Valencio Akerman

I am the founder of the EU Top 1% club. Thank you for trusting me with your time. I promise to make it worthwhile. In just a few minutes, I will show you how to safely access the Golden Goose Diamond-mine 2.0 bot network so you can start making money by tomorrow.

Earlier this year (2024), I attended the Success Resources MMI conference in Munich. At the conference, I met many wonderful people and some excellent providers of passive revenue vehicles. But one lady carrying a giant fluffy golden goose doll caught my attention.

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…..She was always surrounded by many people asking her questions and planning to join the GoldenGoose success. Later, I learned her name was Amy, and she was the GG global community manager

A day after the conference, excited to start, I called Amy and told her: “I am ready – let’s begin”.

My first step with GG Diamond Mine 2.0
The GG would be my new passive revenue channel of the year. But… things were not that easy. In the EU, there are different regulations, different crypto exchanges, and higher fees; only some crypto coins are allowed, and the GG product setup requires some level of understanding of BlockChain technologies, Cryptocurrency, Crypto wallets, NFTs, and swapping platforms. On top of it all, the product contract needed to be more precise, and many terms were required to be more accurate for individuals like me, who already make 7-digit revenues in the financial niche with AI.

I shared my thoughts with Amy, who put me in touch with the company’s founder, Joseph Tan. During the month following the MMI conference, we spent many hours on Zoom (Joseph, Amy and me). We refined the onboarding process, fixed some terms, enhanced the product and solved many challenges. During this process,

I got to know the fantastic people behind Golden Goose in person. This also increases my confidence in working with them and bringing the product to people living in Europe


The Diamond-Mine 2.0 trading bots network

The Diamond-Mine 2.0 trading bots network is based on years of trading experience, millions of trades, and advanced AI technologies. It is owned by Success Resources and has operated successfully for years.

The proprietary bots work together as an intelligent network to maximise earnings in various market conditions. The bots never sleep and execute advanced trading strategies 24/7, so you can earn money while sleeping, on vacation or learning.

The bots network generates, on average, earnings of 0.14% per day (4.2% per month and 50% per year) and is capped by 3.3X (meaning if you put in 5000Euro, the Network will work until you get 16,500 Euro).