Passion Makes Money.

“Passion makes money” has not only been my tagline for over 20 years; it is how I do everything, every day. I already helped hundreds of people to turn ideas into a source of passive income and happiness. If you are ready to chase fantasy’s potential over everyday necessities, book your meeting now and let’s discover your next best moves. 

Ventures I’ve Helped To Thrive

Everyone has ideas and goals, but not everyone brings them to life. I’m here to help you do just that. I’ve worked at all levels of business, from multimillion-dollar corporations to small companies, from startups to individuals with a dream, and I’m ready to work with you.

Pinpoint your next best move.

When I completed my master’s degree in “Military Strategies”, I was obsessed with winning positions in business, life and games. Positional thinking is the way the world’s best chess players are mastering the game. What separates a Grand Master player from the rest is the ability to better understand any given position on the chess board.

Understanding your current position is the key to pinpoint your next move. The financial market is complex and dynamic; AI technologies are changing everything, and still, the only thing you need to do is to play your winning position

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

Thinking is free, so you better think BIG, but do you have what it takes to move from thinking to creating your own passive income? This is where most people fail. and this is my only focus. I am going to help you cross that one most important bridge.

Getting things done is always more urgent than learning. Recent studies show that the longer it takes to learn a new topic, the lower the chances you can commit to getting it done..

Join one of my upcoming in-person training sessions and get everything you need to turn your passion into a passive income. My condensed delivery method is a practical, cut-to-the-money training system. Think about it as a High-Intensity Training Session for your brain. You’ll get only the good stuff you need. No fluff. No nonsense. NO generic blueprints. And the best part is that you only need 4 hours to master it!

Your Passion Makes Money.

Don’t let situations you can’t control define your financial future. I’ve invested millions in understanding why most people fail to turn their passion into passive revenue. As a result, I developed a scientific method to help excellent people turn their ideas into something life-changing: A source of passive income. Don’t be a victim of statistics; put the odds in your favour. Request a coaching session now.

Join one of my upcoming training sessions in Berlin, London, Barcelona or Larnaca.

On a more personal note

I appreciate you for reading all the way here. The journey from passion to passive revenues is not a walk in the park, but it will make you happy and put some good earnings in your pocket. It took me millions of dollars to understand my position and what makes me happy. Today, I make turnarounds, running my own multi-million dollar companies and generating passive revenues for me, for my family and for a better world.

If I can tell you one thing and one thing only, it would be:  Don’t venture on this journey alone. Learn to embrace new opportunities and people that come your way. Once you feel your heart singing, it is probably the right decision for you.  From that point onward, you do whatever it takes, and everything you do, you do it great.

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